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At Lynch Scrimo we’re your trial lawyers first. We believe in every case we agree to take, and will never back down to intimidation from insurance companies. We live for trials because we know from experience that most juries will do the right thing if they have the correct information.

In accident cases, we fight hard for fair settlements for our clients that maximize their financial recovery for the pain and suffering they’ve endured, and sometimes will endure for the rest of their lives. We work quickly with our Investigator to gather evidence for your case before the evidence disappears, the witnesses move away, or information is spun by the insurance company.

At the end of the day it is always our client’s decision whether to settle the case or fight on. We are honest with our clients and provide them with all the knowledge and advice we have obtained from years of experience so that they can make the best decisions in proceeding with their case. You’ll never have to wonder whether a Lynch Scrimo attorney is leaning on you to take a settlement because he is afraid or unprepared for trial. From the very first day we take your case, we start preparing it for trial. If you ultimately choose to have a trial, we will be ready to give the jury the evidence they need to make the right decision.

We offer a free consultation — evenings, weekends or whenever you need us. If you can’t travel to our offices, we will come to you.